Vivid’s 25th Anniversary Logo

How do you gain instant credibility within your industry?
To anyone seeking services that you offer, how does your business rise above the crowd?

Well, one great method to achieve respect within your industry is to announce the anniversary of your company’s inception. There are many ways to do this, but none more important or effective than where your business image begins: your company logo.

Vivid Graphics has been around for 25 years now so we were naturally enthusiastic to take advantage of the celebratory logo concept. Passionate and excited about design, our designers pounced on the chance to make an impression with a clever and meaningful mark that turned out as both curious and graceful, while seamlessly tying into our existing logo for additional branding strength. (See below)

Vivid Graphics 25th Anniversary Logo

Does your company have an anniversary coming up? Get in touch with us — it’s our business to make your business stand out.