Reaching retirement for a long term employee is a milestone for both the firm and the employee. It is a great opportunity to showcase the partnership and the success they have brought. Using video to highlight retirement is a great tool as it provides a greater depth of customization to include photos, copy and videos in a way that is both interesting and informative.

Using a retirement announcement video to highlight the long term employee’s retirement has many intrinsic benefits. Internally, it shows a company wide comradery and a sense of family. It builds good report across the firm and shows the other employees that they are treasured. Celebrating a retirement can also increase morale across the board because they know the company values their work. Externally, it is a great way to quickly and concisely let all of the retirees contacts know that they are stepping down. It’s also an easy way to point them to their new contact and continue the company’s relationship with the client.

Work with our team of designers to create a retirement announcement video that highlights your company’s new features and design. Whether you have an entire script or just an idea, we will work with you to put together a video your company can be proud to have represent you.

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1. Retirement Announcement