8 Elements to Include in Your Digital Business Card Video


With the world of technology evolving at an ever advancing rate, the need to create a more memorable digital presence is essential for most businesses and professionals. Current world events are increasingly shifting business models to online. Traditional business cards which have been an essential staple in the corporate world are now often replaced with online professional profiles and digital business cards.

How do you network and stand out in a saturated market overloaded with information? Having a digital business card can help build digital presence, make online networking more effective and create more personal connections. Enhancing your digital business card through a video can dramatically present you and your company with personality beyond just a name and email address. Image and video based marketing are more than ever growing at an exponential rate. If you are extending yourself to new prospects, a video is a more memorable alternative to the standard business card.

Here are 8 element to consider when creating your digital business card video:

  1. Animating your logo to grab attention.
  2. Emphasizing your tagline.
  3. Include a short company description/overview.
  4. Display photos such as portraits and previous work.
  5. Include your bio.
  6. Animate your signature to add a more personal touch.
  7. Close with your contact info and a link to the company website.
  8. Include a link to your video business card in the signature of your emails.

Consider the overall theme, narrative and pacing of your video when editing. We also recommend keeping the length of the video to 30-45 seconds.

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