How to Send Out A Presentation through Constant Contact

This is a guide for Constant Contact users, on how to insert a thumbnail into your e-mail templates.

In the e-mail template creation page:

  1. Left-Click on “Blocks” to the left.
  2. Click on “Image block” and drag it to the design view.
  3. Double click on the new Image block inside the design view.
  4. Right click the thumbnail image you want to have in your template and click on Copy Image Location”.
  5. Paste the link from step 4 into the URL box at the top of the design view. The thumbnail image should appear and can be adjusted with the sliding bar below it.
  6. Right click the same thumbnail from step 4 and select “Copy Link Location”.
  7. Paste the link from step 6 into the ‘Clickable link” bar at the bottom left of the design window.
  8. Click insert when you are done with the design window.
  9. Click preview at the top of the template to see if the link is functioning properly.

If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.